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Basically, we simply transfer the design of our company group to the design and development of new projects.

Because every single company under the umbrella of the PACARADA Group works according to the principle of interlacing and the guiding principle of sustainability.

The compatibility with the environment and its usefulness for the future inhabitants is set at the very beginning of a concept as the highest measure. Materials used, energetically efficient construction, short transport distances, climatically produced building materials and the energy balance of suppliers play an increasingly important role. However, the goal is also to minimize the energy footprint of the customer as builder and the PACARADA Group.

The basic structure of the overlapping interlocking of our companies and the homogeneous management make it possible to plan with the least possible loss of friction within a building concept. Since all the companies involved work within the PACARADA sustainability principles, there are clearly defined interfaces within a planning process.

Nevertheless, the buildings designed by us will always follow the highest standards in terms of exterior and interior design in order to offer the future users or residents the highest degree of modern working or living culture.