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The Pacarada Group.
Construction meets design

As a group of several independently operating companies under one umbrella, PACARADA Group has set itself the goal of offering the best services and products for the construction and renovation of real estate.

Particular emphasis is placed on the outstanding quality of the products used, in order to meet the high expectations of our customers.

It is the pursuit of perfection and the passionate attention to detail.

The unique model of overlapping and complementary business segments of the companies involved allows our customers to retrieve both individual trades and complex services up to the turnkey transfer.


We only employ dedicated, highly qualified employees and support them in tackling new challenges and taking their own initiative.


Our employees are simultaneously co-owners. This makes it a personal matter to handle the orders of our customers in a responsible and quality-conscious manner.

Service quality

Both our customers and our partners benefit from the high quality of our services. Always accessible, proactively thinking and acting in the sense of the satisfaction of customers and partners.


Our business model is long-term. We form strategic partnerships with administrations, project partners and local stakeholders to achieve common goals and create lasting values.